Tokina Fírin 20mm F2.0 FE MF mount Sony E

Tokina Fírin 20mm F2.0 FE MF mount Sony E

The Japanese manufacturer launches the Tokina Fírin 20mm F2.0 FE MF Sony E mount . An objective ultra-fixed fixed focal length lens with manual focus aimed at satisfying the needs of the increasingly large legion of Sony mirror camera cameras.

Arrival in Spain:

We do not know if this objective will reach Spain shortly or it will go through all the countries of the world a few months before arriving here. However, as a recent Sony E photographer, I am happy that photo accessory manufacturers are aware that something is changing in the sector.

A sector that change in favor of Sony E:

Profoto , a pioneer in lighting, has already done so with the Air Remote for Sony and Olympus. Synchronizers that allow you to use your autonomous flashes in other brands than the two most popular on the market.

Being able to control the new Profoto B1X flashes, mount your Canon lenses on your Sony E camera or use an angle Sony E mount as the Tokina Fírin are not baladís.

Technical data of the Tokina Fírin 20mm F2.0 FE MF for Sony E:

  • The Tokina Fírin 20mm is a fixed focal length lens.
  • It has a maximum opening of F2.
  • Minimum opening of F22.
  • Optical construction: 13 lenses divided into 11 groups.
  • 96.2º viewing angle available in cameras with full frame sensor.
  • Diameter of the front filter of 62mm.
  • Minimum focusing distance of only 11 centimeters.
  • Manual focus, a minor problem for Sony cameras with focus peaking.
  • Control of manual opening.
  • Film quality, although without opening definition T.

Where can you find it?

At the moment this objective can only be imported in Spain, I leave you with the options available at the time of writing this article:

Tokina Fírin 20mm F2 FE MTF for Sony E – Spain
Tokina Fírin 20mm F2 FE MTF for Sony E – International

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Video with the new Canon EF-S 10-18mm IS STM in HD – Photo blog

Video with the new Canon EF-S 10-18mm IS STM in HD

Canon EF-S 10-18mm f / 4.5-5.6 IS STM Video Test

Image result for Canon EF-SChad Soriano has made a video where we can see Canon’s new wide-angle lens. The Canon EF-S 10-18mm is destined to revolutionize the large public market with this ultra-wide-angle lens that is available in Spain for less than 300 euros.

Weeks ago, the launch of the new Canon EF-S 10-18mm IS STM wide-angle lens was announced. An angular called to revolutionize the market for its advanced functions and a reduced price.

As already announced in my review of this goal, the new 10-18mm was going to mark distances with other angles for Canon on the market, because it includes image stabilizer and ultraquiet Canon STM focusing system for video.

Best price in angular:

I already predicted at that time that Canon’s 10-18mm was going to break the market. This angle has been developed by the Canon team with a very defined strategy. Something to be applauded since until now, the angles for Canon with variable focal length were around € 450 at best.

Canon’s strategy is not only to improve the market price , something that photographers appreciate, but also includes image stabilizer (the competition does not) and the new STM continuous focus system for video.

Recharge of the offer:

For that reason I repeat that there will be better days for the general public thanks to the launch of this Canon EF-S 10-18mm. The angles are coveted by this segment of photographers to which the price does matter .

The replenishment of the offer, or the breakdown of the market is evident since to approach the price of this angle the competition will have to reinvent its prices and the functions of its angular objectives. Not in vain, the one that comes closest in price is the Tamron 10-24mm , a lens without IS that costs about 180 euros more.

I wanted to publish the video of Chad Soriano so you can check the quality of this angle indoors doing video with a Canon 70D.

And on the other hand I want to show you the best price of the Canon 10-18mm EF-S IS STM in Spain . At the time of writing the article is around € 270.

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Barcelona Workshops or two specialist photographers together

Barcelona Workshops or two specialist photographers together

Barcelona WorkshopsA few days ago I learned that two specialists, of which they are very expert although they do not sound to you , had allied to mount a series of technical, short and specialized photographic workshops. Barcelona Workshops was created by Marcelo Isarrualde and also has Hugo Rodríguez.

Experience and theme:

The theme of the photo workshops of Barcelona Workshops is very on track to the specialization, the technical introduction or the deepening in any of the fields where both enjoy enormous experience .

Some time ago we talked about them in this blog:

If you want to have more details, separately, from those who are Marcelo Isarrualde and Hugo Rodríguez I recommend you review my article about the best photography blogs according to my opinion. Unfortunately, one of them can no longer be followed.

Photographic training offered:

The photographic specialization to which you can access following the link of the first paragraph is varied, and as previously announced, specialized. Among all the photographic workshops that they offer us, as a freelance photographer that I am, I am especially interested in the following:

Strobist workshop Where they announce us: Development of the different techniques for the control of the light with flashes of reportage. The emphasis is on working with high portability and low price equipment – in comparison to studio equipment – and achieving, nevertheless, high levels of technical and creative quality . Color management Whose introduction is: If what you are looking for is to learn at once how to manage the color from the beginning of your workflow (the development of the RAW) to the end (the electronic or paper publication), this course will provide you with concrete solutions for all those cases.

Mental note:

Encourage yourself to sign up at least to the two workshops that I mention. PS: The note is for me.

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Dream Park Making Off – 1st Video with the Nikon D810 – Photography Blog

Dream Park Making Off – 1st Video with the Nikon D810

Making of Dream Park: A Nikon D810 Film

Image result for Nikon D810Making off of the film Dream Park. A film made with the new Nikon D810 camera capable of recording in full HD up to 60fps. The new Nikon D810 was presented yesterday by the Japanese brand. It will be available at the end of July this year.

The Nikon D810 is ready for the cinema. This is the reason why I share here this making off of the video Dream Park, made entirely with Nikon lenses and the new Nikon D810.

As I was doing yesterday in my photography blog , the D810 is destined to replace the well-known and emblematic D800 cameras and Nikon D800E , two professional SLR cameras that enjoy great acceptance among professional photographers.

From Nikon we are assured that the new D810 is ready for the cinema . In addition to another series of important improvements such as sharpness, faster and more accurate AF system as well as the improvement of details with high sensitivities.

This new camera of Nikon incorporates the same system of AF of the D4S and the same processor that the flagship of Nikon, the processor Expeed4.

Extended Iso range:

But the new D810 does not stop there but improves on other functions such as the extended ISO range that allows working from ISO 64 to 12,800 and an equivalent forced ISO of up to 51200. This ensures a remarkable improvement in the quality of the images especially for the recording of videos.

Nothing better than a video made with the D810 produced by Nikon and Nikon USA originally published on Vimeo.

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