Barcelona Workshops or two specialist photographers together

Barcelona Workshops or two specialist photographers together

Barcelona WorkshopsA few days ago I learned that two specialists, of which they are very expert although they do not sound to you , had allied to mount a series of technical, short and specialized photographic workshops. Barcelona Workshops was created by Marcelo Isarrualde and also has Hugo Rodríguez.

Experience and theme:

The theme of the photo workshops of Barcelona Workshops is very on track to the specialization, the technical introduction or the deepening in any of the fields where both enjoy enormous experience .

Some time ago we talked about them in this blog:

If you want to have more details, separately, from those who are Marcelo Isarrualde and Hugo Rodríguez I recommend you review my article about the best photography blogs according to my opinion. Unfortunately, one of them can no longer be followed.

Photographic training offered:

The photographic specialization to which you can access following the link of the first paragraph is varied, and as previously announced, specialized. Among all the photographic workshops that they offer us, as a freelance photographer that I am, I am especially interested in the following:

Strobist workshop Where they announce us: Development of the different techniques for the control of the light with flashes of reportage. The emphasis is on working with high portability and low price equipment – in comparison to studio equipment – and achieving, nevertheless, high levels of technical and creative quality . Color management Whose introduction is: If what you are looking for is to learn at once how to manage the color from the beginning of your workflow (the development of the RAW) to the end (the electronic or paper publication), this course will provide you with concrete solutions for all those cases.

Mental note:

Encourage yourself to sign up at least to the two workshops that I mention. PS: The note is for me.