Being a sports photographer and not die trying

Being a sports photographer and not dying in the attempt

Fotógrafo de deportesMaybe you’ve ever considered being a sports photographer and pretend not to die trying . Without wanting to join the post and without the intention of taking it out of your head, I am going to raise a series of questions that you could consider if you are dying for photography and are passionate about sports.

It is important to know that being a sports photographer is risky. Not only for how is the photographic market but because sometimes you can suffer accidents doing your favorite job or hobby.

On the other hand, at the expense of personal opinion and attitude in life that you have, the rewards may seduce you or you may not. Being a photographer and taking pictures of sports is not always exciting.

And to help you decide if the combination of photos and sports is your favorite cocktail I will try to share my experience in open and free of charge, as I always do in my photography blog .


Is the sports photographer born or made?

Photo million question Do not you think? My opinion is that both things occur and at the same time none of them. I’m sorry if my statement seems ambiguous, it’s not my intention.

Something that I am very clear about this issue is the certainty that a sedentary life, playing sports from the couch, and a clear disinterest in involvement in sports will make it impossible for you to be a sports photographer . While the downhill riders play life downhill at full speed, popcorn and beer are not allowed while you take photos.

In the same way, when a sporting event is held and there are several competitions proposed for the same day you will have to be fit all day.

At the beginning of the session as a sports photographer you will be fresh and you will be able to take a lot of pictures in a very short time, if your camera allows it. As the hours go by, you wish you had taken more contemplative photos, such as macro photography of insects or still life photography.

Returning to the subject, and based on whether the sports photographer is born my opinion is that yes, with permission of all issues that could be opposed to this statement.


The athlete evolved into a photographer:

If you have always practiced sports. You have been interested in the action. You’ve got up early to go to a competition. You prefer sticking elbows with those attending a sporting event for the best position as a spectator to watch the events on your comfortable home sofa, etc …

If you have always done this, it is very likely that when you take the step of becoming a photographer, indifferently a hobby or a profession, you have half the work done.

In this case, you will have been born to be a sports photographer , and the stupid stunts that we photographers put on will not be able to change your skills like the submachine gun photographer who takes the sports photos at the right moment .


If you were born to be a sports photographer:

If you were born to be a sports photographer, an exciting job awaits you with the athletes. You will play kicking mountains at any time , any day of the week and regardless of whether it is very cold or if the thermometer is above 30 degrees centigrade.


Be careful if you take pictures of Skateboard:

If you take photos of Skateboard you will often also have to deal with older ladies who are upset by the noise of the scooters or any other manifestation of animosity that is usual against skaters. I do not know what happens, but these athletes are persecuted.

It is possible that the police want to requisition the camera, especially in Barcelona, ​​a city that coincidentally has been chosen as the birthplace of the European Skateboard. It seems ironic, but it is totally true.


The weekends of a sports photographer:

Forget about free weekends. Sports photographers are the early risers on weekends since most competitions are held on a Saturday or Sunday.


What’s wrong with your girlfriend?

If you have a girlfriend, commend the virgin, since there will come a time when she will put you against the sword and the wall. You know, the pictures or me, the downhill competition or me. Stop editing photos and come with me to the sofa …

Of course you always have the option to change girlfriend or have friends, which for the case, will give you less problems.