Dominate the strobist with several economic accessories

Master the strobist with various inexpensive accessories

Iluminación mediante strobist en SkateboardIn previous articles we had talked in depth of strobist technique to illuminate especially in sports photos and also in portraits. In this publication today the topic to be discussed will be “dominates the strobist with several economic accessories” .

In case you have not yet been able to imagine it with the title and the entry paragraph, today’s objective is not to delve into all previously written topics but to improve lighting techniques using portable flashes in combination with various accessories for strobist economic

Improvements in lighting:

Maybe you’re wondering what the improvements are in terms of lighting . So I’m going to explain them in detail and then we see how we can get them and what accessories for portable flashes we need.

With the use of some inexpensive accessories for portable flashes you will get the following improvements:


The possibility of combining two color temperatures of the flashes:

With the use of a simple diffuser for any of the flashes you will already get two different color temperatures . In the example photo, a simple orange diffuser was used for the flash that served as the main light.

The flash that serves as the back light used in this skateboard photo has a color temperature of 5400 degrees Kelvin but by balancing the color temperature of the main light this rear light is below 5400 degrees Kelvin

The possibility of improving the quality of light:

Using a simple single diffuser for Sto-Fen type flashes you can significantly improve the quality of the light. Getting this light from the flashes is less hard and therefore, shadows in more detail.

In the example photo, a diffuser of this type of orange color was used for the main flash.

The possibility of controlling the path of light:

The use of a bell, a softbox or a snoot will allow us to direct the flash light to the desired area of ​​our photo. In combination with other accessories such as bee panels and / or diffuser fabrics we can also control the hardness of this stochastic light.

To make the photo of Skateboard that illustrates this writing of my blog of photography I used a bell of 18 cm of diameter along with a simple diffuser of white type Sto-Fen.

The possibility of placing the flashes strategically:

By using a few triggers or remote triggers you can place the flashes strategically. Or what is the same, you can separate the lighting of the camera’s shoe to the range of your synchronization equipment.

For the example photo, a team of remote triggers for flashes was used, consisting of an emitter, mounted on the camera’s shoe, together with two receivers that served as a hot shoe for both flashes.

Keep in mind that some triggers will allow you to control spatial placement and distance.

The possibility of giving a height to the flashes:

By using tripods and / or study feet you can place the flashes at a considerable height from the ground. This will allow you to direct the light from an optimal and personalized height.

It is important that you choose the tripods well based on their height, stability and weight. It is recommended that at least one of the tripods allow you to illuminate from above. It is also important that they do not weigh excessively since you will have to transport them. As for stability, it is a factor to be taken into account when mounting accessories such as umbrellas, kneecaps, etc …