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Dream Park Making Off – 1st Video with the Nikon D810

Making of Dream Park: A Nikon D810 Film

Image result for Nikon D810Making off of the film Dream Park. A film made with the new Nikon D810 camera capable of recording in full HD up to 60fps. The new Nikon D810 was presented yesterday by the Japanese brand. It will be available at the end of July this year.

The Nikon D810 is ready for the cinema. This is the reason why I share here this making off of the video Dream Park, made entirely with Nikon lenses and the new Nikon D810.

As I was doing yesterday in my photography blog , the D810 is destined to replace the well-known and emblematic D800 cameras and Nikon D800E , two professional SLR cameras that enjoy great acceptance among professional photographers.

From Nikon we are assured that the new D810 is ready for the cinema . In addition to another series of important improvements such as sharpness, faster and more accurate AF system as well as the improvement of details with high sensitivities.

This new camera of Nikon incorporates the same system of AF of the D4S and the same processor that the flagship of Nikon, the processor Expeed4.

Extended Iso range:

But the new D810 does not stop there but improves on other functions such as the extended ISO range that allows working from ISO 64 to 12,800 and an equivalent forced ISO of up to 51200. This ensures a remarkable improvement in the quality of the images especially for the recording of videos.

Nothing better than a video made with the D810 produced by Nikon and Nikon USA originally published on Vimeo.