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Into the Night – A timelapse of Jordi de Temple

Into the Night

Related imageInto the light is a video made with the technique of the timelapse by Jordi de Temple in different places in Catalonia, most of the scenes were made by long exposure photos

Reviewing publications I have found this fantastic video made by Jordi de Temple . “Into the Night” stands out as a long exposure timelapse of different places in Catalonia.

The artist tells us on his Vimeo channel that Into the light is a 4-minute light exercise shot in different places in Catalonia and also in the city of Barcelona.

Most of the photographs correspond to sunsets or sunrises, Jordi explains in broad strokes the advantages of photography during these periods of the day . Take a look at the video on Vimeo .

Related imageThe video is available in “Digital Cinema 4K” for those interested, contact the photographer through the channels that you can find at the foot of the video or at the foot of the channel.

Checking the video thoroughly and knowing the location of the scenes I decided to share with you due to the quality of the timelapse made by Jordi.

I have not found similar work from the same photographer previously done, however, seeing the level of this video it occurs to me that we are going to see new videos soon with the same quality as “Into the Night”, we will be attentive.

It stands out in the handling of the light and a level of acutancia in the images over the “normal”, I have loved it.

The video has already been shared on a few channels and it seems to me that it will be shared by many others. At the moment I make a hole in my blog because I think it’s a fantastic job.