Testing resistance to a Canon Eos 7D camera

Canon Eos 7D camera resistance tests

More than once I have raised the price of accessories and components that a photographer has to buy to develop their work. This is also a reflection for amateurs and / or amateurs. The video that I present in this article comes to explain why the camera body Canon EOS 7D has a higher price than other models. The explanation of the resistance of this camera is through a video, and well … The video has no waste.

The video is in English but does not need translation. In case anyone happens to start trying before finishing reading or watching the video, the filmmakers of this advise not to do the same with your Canon 7D. And in this case the council I see more than successful.

Our protagonist, the Canon 7D, goes through a series of tests that could qualify as wild . The first one is being hit (though slightly) by a truck repeatedly. This produces a scratch and above all blows. After this test the 7D continues to work perfectly.

The next test after the accident is to repeatedly throw the camera down a ladder while it is in a wheelchair. The blows that go to the body of the Canon 7D are much harder than the hit. In this test, the camera mounts a lens and is protected by a case. This does not prevent the lens from ending up dismantling in such a way that part of it remains in the mount of the 7D.

After this test the 7D continues to function normally.

And well, if I keep counting I will be the party pooper that tells the end of the movies so you’d better watch your video alone if you want to see how the 7D passes the following tests .

Tests of resistance to a body Canon 7D

This is not suitable for ultraprotectionist photographers with their equipment, in the same way that it is not suitable for photographers who worry about the good health of their team. And so far this article today where I share the entry “Tests resistance to a Canon Eos 7D camera . But before you leave tell me:

Would you dare to do this with your 7D?