Acerta to Develop Custom Machine Learning Models Advanced Analytics Platform for Nissan Research Center


Acerta Analytics Solutions Inc. — the Ontario-based company whose machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) solutions turn complex product data into actionable insights for automotive and transportation customers – – has partnered with Nissan, with support from the Government of Ontario through the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN).

Acerta will develop an advanced custom machine learning model analytics platform for Nissan’s research center. New predictive maintenance technology will allow Nissan vehicle users to receive advance notifications of maintenance needs, resulting in cost savings and increased safety. The technology will help reduce the amount that Nissan vehicle owners spend on annual maintenance.

“We are extremely grateful for the OVIN program and our partnerships with the Ontario government and Nissan, said Greta Cutulenco, CEO of Acerta. “The funding will help us develop machine learning algorithms to detect signs of abnormalities in powertrain components. Our models will also estimate the remaining distance a vehicle can travel before maintenance is needed, which will improve the longevity of specific parts.”

“We are excited about the opportunity to help our customers know in advance when their vehicle might need service. By alerting the driver to a potential future problem, the driver can preemptively seek maintenance or repairs,” said Kazuhiro Doi, CVP at Nissan.

Under the OVIN R&D Partnership Fund’s C/AV & Smart Mobility program, led by the Ontario Innovation Center (OCI), the project received $344,000 and an additional $1.016 million in contributions from industry, for a total project value of C$1.36 million.

“Ontario is home to innovators who are bringing cutting-edge technologies to the automotive and mobility sector. Through the Government of Ontario’s OVIN, we ensure our local businesses form new customer-supplier relationships and grow as they export their products and services around the world. This project is another great example of how made-in-Ontario technology will drive the transformation of this sector globally,” said Raed Kadri, head of OVIN.



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