Advanced Analytics Consulting Services are now available from Dev3lop


Dev3lop offers bespoke advanced analytics consulting services designed to support any analytics environment

AUSTIN, TX/ACCESSWIRE/April 7, 2022/ Dev3lop, an Austin, TX-based tech startup, is pleased to announce the launch of its Advanced Analytics Consulting Services.

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As a company spokesperson noted, the new services are value-added custom solutions to help decision makers in small and medium-sized businesses, large enterprises, government agencies, and e-commerce platforms.

“At Dev3lop, we understand that as the size of data continues to grow, a business owner‘s ability to gain insights from data may also increase,” the spokesperson said, adding that If data is spread across multiple teams and silos, it can be especially difficult to make sound, analytics-based decisions about where the business is going.

This knowledge inspired the Dev3lop team to create and launch the new analytics consulting services, which include data warehousing, data visualization and data architecture, all custom-designed and tailored to the specific needs of each customer. Dev3lop’s new service also includes server and serverless analytics data engineering in both spaces, including SQL, nodejs, python and many more.

“Plus, business owners who work with us will never have to worry about becoming ‘just a number’. We are proud that our partner is leading an ‘all on the ground’ approach to working with our clients, rather than mixing them up between associates, the spokesperson said.

Although Dev3lop is not yet a significant player in the industry, the spokesperson noted that it offers enterprise-level consultants who are well versed in how to create, document and develop analytics solutions, including modeling. and data adoption.

“At Dev3lop, we ask the right questions to better understand our customers’ needs. We listen, we understand and we make it work,” the spokesperson noted.

About Dev3lop is a technology startup based in Austin, Texas. They offer bespoke consulting solutions to their clients through a range of services, with a focus on data analytics and table consulting service engagements. They also launched a new task scheduling software called Canopys, as well as a new advanced analytics consulting service. For more information, please visit’s LinkedIn page at or visit the company’s website at https://

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