Agribotix Introduces New Plant Count Report Providing Advanced Analytics


BOULDER, Colo., June 26, 2018 / PRNewswire / – Today, Agribotix, a leading agricultural drone and data processing company, released a new plant count report available as a premium offering. Built using machine learning and big data techniques, the report allows a grower to get a quantitative measure of the number of plants in their entire field as well as a map of the average plant count areas. , above and below average in a field. By quickly identifying areas where emergence is lower than expected, growers can use the results to take action that will help maximize their yields.

The plant count report works with most crops. If the plant is visible in the image captured by the drone, the Agribotix Plant Count Report will likely be able to count it. For corn, the ideal stage is V3 to V5. But it also works with crops like vegetables and trees.

Currently, most plant counts are done by manually counting a small section of a field and then extrapolating to the entire field. With the new Agribotix report, a grower quickly gets an accurate count of plants across the field. This allows a grower to make a data-based decision based on the actual number of plants in the entire field.

The amount of technology behind these easy to use reports is impressive. Using the latest machine learning techniques, the Agribotix service scans virtually every inch of the field for individual plants.

The new Plant Count report is billed per report and is available to anyone who subscribes to the company’s award-winning FarmLens drone analysis service. As of today, Plant Count report can be selected on Agribotix website when user uploads new data from agricultural drone flight. More information is available at

Agribotix provides agricultural information to increase yields and profits using drone-based technologies. All Agribotix solutions include FarmLens â„¢, the leading cloud-based data analysis and reporting solution for agricultural drones. Results include Field Health reports for crop scouting by drone, prescription maps for in-season fertilization, and specialist reports. The FarmLens â„¢ solution is available separately or as a bundled system including an agricultural drone. To find out how FarmLens serves as a gateway to precision agriculture â„¢, visit or call (720) 295-3625.

Press contact: Paul hoff ([email protected])

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