AUDIENCEX launches advanced, data-driven analytics


NEW YORK, Jan. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AUDIENCEX, the leading integrated platform designed for omnichannel advertising performance, today announced a significant expansion of its analytics and insights capabilities, bringing the focus on post-cookie marketing requirements.

“With our unique approach to media mix modeling, as well as our focus on cross-channel performance insights, we provide marketers with comprehensive coverage on all post-marketing tactics. cookies,” said Jason Wulfsohn, CEO of AUDENCEX. “We will continue to invest in cutting-edge technologies and performance solutions so that mid-market brands and agencies can future-proof their acquisition strategies in a cookieless ecosystem.”

As brands and agencies inevitably transition from third-party cookies to first-party data and identity in 2022, AUDENCEX’s extensive analytics and reporting capabilities will provide critical performance insights, such as value at life, churn propensity, customer acquisition cost and return on investment. advertising expenses. Through audience modeling, successful brands will have unique insights into what, how, and where their spend should be allocated to achieve optimal results and confirm those results with real-time cross-channel reports.

In addition to its growing suite of campaign analytics, AUDIENCEX will support the evolution of powerful customer identity capabilities. While much of the industry still doesn’t know exactly which identifiers, methodologies and tactics will replace cookie-based targeting, AUDIENCEX has built a robust data infrastructure designed for interoperability across all emerging solutions.

“By significantly expanding our reporting and analytics capabilities, our goal has been to help prepare for the evolving demands of post-cookie marketers,” said Benji Joachim, director of analytics and analytics. information at AUDIENCEX. “Analytics combined with innovative cross-channel identity and data solutions will allow us to meet the demands of each of our customers as the ecosystem evolves through the end of 2022 and into next year.”

AUDIENCEX’s expanded technology vision aligns closely with the upcoming launch of the company’s new self-service platform, designed to meet the demands of SMB and mid-market advertisers looking to execute purchases of autonomous programmatic media in 2022. Enterprise self-service will allow marketers to take advantage of the most powerful enterprise technology without having to meet significant monthly spend requirements or acquire the necessary technical knowledge to manage complex campaigns. This new self-service platform, combined with the company’s core managed services offering, will provide customers of all sizes with access to an easy-to-use enterprise tool that improves performance and reduces costs.

“With our new self-service product and our strong vision for data and identity, we believe AUDENCEX is at the forefront of technology performance solutions for the middle market,” said Brittany Wray, Vice President of the company, Product.


AUDIENCEX is the leading integrated platform solution for brands and performance agencies, providing strategic, unbiased, omnichannel access to the entire ad tech ecosystem. We create value for our clients by going beyond executing individualized channels and delivering an integrated omnichannel solution, supported by our industry-leading teams in strategy, media buying, analytics and creation. We enable successful brands and agencies to effectively target and acquire customers across the buying funnel, across all channels and across all screens. Named one of America’s fastest growing companies by Deloitte, Inc., the Financial Times and the Los Angeles Business Journal for the past three years, AUDIENCEX is headquartered in Los Angeles and operates out of offices in across North America, including New York, Dallas, Miami and Seattle. For more information, visit

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