Bookeeps, a virtual bookkeeping and accounting company, demonstrates how virtual accounting services have prevailed post-pandemic


New York, NY- Bookeeps, a leading boutique-style online bookkeeping and bookkeeping company, demonstrated how virtual bookkeeping has prevailed in the post-pandemic world.

The firm’s talented team of accountants and core-focused bookkeepers have witnessed the transition to online bookkeeping over the past couple of years. Business owners have been able to effectively delegate financial tasks, such as daily cash flow reporting, payroll management, financial analysis and reporting, to trusted external advice online, and advice experts on the preparation and management of financial files are now available in one click. of a button. This new owner-accountant relationship offers valuable benefits, including flexible, simple and stress-free financial management, as well as access to the latest software, accounting programs and financial experts.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have continued to demand the best bookkeeping and accounting services,” remarked Richard Dorman, founder of Bookeeps. “Many practices and habits that were thought to be set in stone have, however, had to undergo massive change, including those in our industry. A rise in virtual accounting services has begun, and the trend is here to stay, he added.

Many of the valuable short-term benefits of virtual bookkeeping and accounting have proven to be transferable long-term outside of the pandemic, especially for growing businesses. As virtual services become the norm, Bookeeps has renewed its commitment to providing expert online accounting services, which include personalized accounting, optimized financial and accounting statements, and detailed tracking, management and consolidation that help business owners succeed.

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About Bookeeps

Bookeeps is the premier boutique-style online accounting and bookkeeping firm based in New York, New York. The LGBTQ minority-owned business has built a reputation for affordable, efficient, and professional bookkeeping and accounting services.

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