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Schell & Hogan LLP, a leading Brunswick accounting firm, began 65 years ago in Jacksonville, Florida, when it began as a branch of Smoak, Davis and Nixon LLP. In 1967, J. Powell Schell and Terry D. Hogan, already partners in the firm, acquired it to operate it independently of the Jacksonville firm, under the current name of Schell & Hogan LLP.

Paulette Martin, director of the firm’s bookkeeping, has been employed for 24 years. Although the firm offers a full range of accounting services, its department has specific tasks for a variety of clients.

“We provide bookkeeping services including financial statement preparation, payroll processing services, tax preparation, sales tax preparation and QuickBooks support,” she said. .

Everyone has access to computers and accounting software these days, but that doesn’t mean professional accountants are obsolete. Tax laws are more and more complex and computer programs can also make mistakes. Having a bookkeeping service can help a small business owner avoid common pitfalls and free them up more time to run their business.

“It helps keep your accounts organized and on track,” Martin said. “By hiring an accountant, it ensures that you have up-to-date information at all times and does not require you to scramble once a year to get your books in order.”

Bookeepper Lauren West added, “Making sure the balance is reconciled throughout the year gives you an accurate picture of your financial situation at all times. “

Martin added that by having a bookkeeping service, cash flow issues can be identified so that corrective action can be taken.

Martin further explained that hiring an accountant puts less responsibility on a business. It also saves businesses money as they don’t have to pay wages, benefits, etc. an accountant or an internal accountant.

Another challenge that business owners face is processing payroll. It can be difficult and a professional accounting service can lighten the load. Many small businesses rely on QuickBooks for their payroll processing, but Martin says QuickBooks can make mistakes or ignore important factors.

“Our expertise helps us know what to look for and we work hard to ensure accuracy,” she said. “We check everything. And, just because you might have a system in place, that doesn’t mean you’re using it correctly.

Then there are the ever-changing payroll tax laws, which have undergone further changes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have helped our clients get through this difficult time and keep them up to date,” said Martin.

Not all clients are long term, she added. Schell & Hogan also helps people who want to be self-reliant with payroll and accounting, and the firm helps them set up a good foundation for them to manage on their own.

Paying state sales tax can also be confusing for small business owners.

“A lot of people forget to factor in sales tax payment altogether, or… forget that different counties – or even states – have different sales tax rates,” Martin said. “We make sure that all of this is taken into account. “

Martin explained that Schell & Hogan meets deadlines for payroll taxes and sales taxes to ensure our clients avoid late fees and penalties that can add up quickly. We stay abreast of constantly changing laws and regulations to keep our customers in compliance. “

Schell & Hogan provides a higher level of service to its customers, said Martin. This includes customizing their service to suit the specific needs and industries of their clients.

“We pride ourselves on going beyond standard services and quality of work,” she said.

Customer Victor Toniolo, owner of Designer’s Boutique Fine Jewelry Inc., is one of the many satisfied customers.

“The staff at S&H are resourceful and able to help with large and small projects, the environment was easy to feel secure with all of our sensitive data and S&H was able to provide an excellent level of service for our company. “

Martin explained that Schell & Hogan assists Toniolo with both accounting and tax services.

Schell & Hogan LLP, 101 Plantation Chase, St. Simons Island, is open 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and available for appointments at other times.

A consultation can be arranged by contacting Paulette Martin, the chief accountant at [email protected] or at 912-291-1049.


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