Botkeeper partners with Expensify to streamline back-office accounting


With the growing demand from accounting firms to provide high-value services to their clients, Botkeeper is pleased to have Expensify join our marketplace partner system. Expensify offers a simplified relationship between accounting partners and their clients for managing monthly receipts with their ExpensifyApproved! Partner Program.

David Cardoza, Partnerships, Sales and Products at Expensify, said, “Expensify has partnered with Botkeeper to free up time for accountants and their clients. From point of sale to reconciliation, accountants and their clients no longer spend valuable time filing receipts.

Botkeeper and Expensify see an opportunity to provide automation that makes it easy for accounting professionals to respond to customer requests for ongoing accounting support and the growing demand for consulting, receipting and expense management services, while simultaneously increasing the ability to continue growing.

Deneen Dias, Vice President of Growth and Strategic Relationships at Botkeeper, explained, “The Expensify team is a disruptor in pre-accounting automation through expense management. They were first to market to capture receipts and manage expenses by automatically importing and reconciling credit cards. They continue to be the leader in expense management. Botkeeper is excited to sync up with like-minded innovators.


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