CentralReach Launches New Advanced Analytics Solution


Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Jan. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – CentralReach, the leading provider of electronic medical records (EMRs), practice management and clinical solutions that enable Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and healthcare practices behavioral associated with providing quality autism care for superior outcomes, today announced the latest addition to its end-to-end product portfolio, CR Advanced Business Intelligence – a powerful new reporting and analytics solution integrated directly into the CentralReach platform.
CR Advanced Business Intelligence (Advanced BI) will provide customers with a comprehensive, self-service view of the data that powers their practices. With pre-built dashboards and the ability to write custom reports on almost any data point in CentralReach, clients are able to produce critical reports, observe key trends and patterns, and make decisions. fast and reliable data driven at every level of their organization to improve productivity, financial forecasting and quality of care.

“Access to data and advanced analytics are important to any business today, but are especially critical for organizations in a data-driven industry like ABA. system reports and our standardized dashboards, ”said Chris Sullens, CEO of CentralReach. “The introduction of our advanced BI offering takes CentralReach’s reporting capability to industry-leading by providing our users with enhanced dashboard capabilities and an intuitive and powerful analytics solution that allows them to create anything. report they need right in the CentralReach platform. This integrated BI solution provides functionality similar to those enjoyed by our corporate clients who use third-party tools to access data in our data warehouse, but do so in a way that makes them less dependent on third-party analytics tools more costly and hiring specialized business analysts to get the information they need to improve their operations and better serve customers. Customers are empowered to improve their operational practices and performance by having all the detailed information and information they need at their fingertips.

This announcement marks the first product launch of 2021, and many more are planned for the year thanks to the significant and continued investment that CentralReach is making in its suite of innovative products. The next launch will be a new specially designed AI-based planning solution integrated directly into CentralReach that will optimize and automate the complex planning needs of ABA for better coordination of care, increased capacity of therapists and technicians. Agreed Behavior (RBT), extended service delivery and improved customer experience.

To learn more about CR Advanced Business Intelligence, visit centralreach.com.

About CentralReach

CentralReach is a leading provider of EMR, practice management and clinical solutions that enable Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and associated behavioral health practices to deliver quality autism care for results. superiors. The company is revolutionizing the ABA space with cutting-edge solutions including precision teaching, clinical data collection, planning, billing, learning management, evidence-based all-digital programming and more. Trusted by more than 85,000 clinicians and educators, CentralReach is committed to continual product improvement, industry-leading expertise, world-class customer satisfaction and the support of the ABA community to propel industry practitioners into a new era of excellence. For more information, please visit centralreach.com or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter @CentralReach.


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