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PLANO, Texas, August 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – CROSSMARK, a leading sales and marketing services agency, announced the nationwide launch of Accelerator, a leading data analytics platform for the sales and marketing activities of GIC. The custom platform, developed with industry partners IBM, Microsoft and other leading technology companies, combines one of the largest CPG datasets with best-in-class analytics power to deliver intuitive visualization of critical analytical tasks for smarter, faster selling. growth.

We live in a world that is constantly creating more data. CPG operators have access to detailed information on virtually all transactions in supermarkets, pharmacies and mass merchants. However, the sheer volume of this data makes it difficult to sift through and find the important information. Accelerator tackles this problem head-on with a design that weaves together different sources of information to uncover distinctive ideas, then recommends the best course of action. The platform is designed to evolve over time by leveraging machine learning (AI) capabilities and ingesting new data sources. “Customers deserve the power of artificial intelligence and an advanced data platform to make sense of a world of big data. And CROSSMARK delivers exactly that with Accelerator, ”says CROSSMARK CEO, Chris Moye.

Developing the accelerator has been an organizational priority involving hundreds of associates organized into cross-functional teams totaling over 100,000 hours of work over a 20-month period. With the active participation of Insights and Sales, Accelerator is unique in the industry for having been designed from the ground up for the operation of a sales agency. Said Nawshi williams, Vice President of Insights, “Accelerator will be our associates ‘tool of choice to quickly analyze issues, uncover opportunities and develop the best possible plan to exceed our clients’ expectations. This platform makes such a difference that we have decided to make it available to all of our head office customers, and not just the privileged few. “

It is important to note that CROSSMARK has invested in its staff to develop new analytical and presentation skills. All Sales and Insights Associates have completed a rigorous training program using the CROSSMARK method. Combining instructions on sales, information, category management and e-commerce, the CROSSMARK method creates a set of standards so that clients and customers benefit from a consistent and professional approach that delivers better business results. President of the CROSSMARK sales agency Jami mcdermid said: “Our value proposition has always been people, tools and training. The combination of the accelerator and the CROSSMARK method enables our employees to sell smarter and accelerate the growth of those we serve. “

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CROSSMARK is a leading sales and marketing agency specializing in the growth of retail brands in nearly every category of the consumer goods industry. For over 100 years, CROSSMARK has accelerated the world’s most powerful businesses, driving sales and managing brand success. Our core services include head office sales, retail services and marketing services. This includes e-commerce solutions, omnichannel expertise, insights and analytics, and checkout, as well as in-store and out-of-store consumer engagement.

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