Digital and advanced analytics | Life sciences


DNA transformation: Our approach to driving enterprise-wide digital and analytics transformations through small-scale, impactful end-to-end journeys. We’ve developed a comprehensive playbook with step-by-step guides to support clients through multi-year transformations.

Quantum Black: A McKinsey company specializing in advanced analytics and Big Data to improve the organizational performance and growth of its clients. Teams of data engineers, data scientists, and designers combine their expertise in integrating diverse and granular data with the latest tools, like artificial intelligence. From there, they develop explanatory algorithms to find performance drivers and predictive and optimization algorithms to capture value. This approach brings in-depth insights in all areas, such as predicting the age of onset of chronic diseases, accelerating R&D and increasing sales through optimized sales and marketing activities. Learn more

Digital labs: Our multidisciplinary team of product and data engineers, experience designers, agile coaches, and more help customers solve problems of uncertainty, such as changing customer preferences, disruptive competitors, new technologies and talent decisions. They do this by building products, experiences, and businesses with cutting-edge digital tools and user-centered design. Learn more

CARE (Center for Real World Evidence and Analysis): A dedicated team that performs advanced analytics with various data sources to determine high-potential physicians and targeting counts, identify underdiagnosed and undertreated patients, quantify the benefits of different treatments and procedures, and facilitate usability of empirical evidence to target evaluations of treatment outcomes.

Representative Planner: A cloud-based sales planning and analytics platform that calculates growth potential by account, performs granular account segmentation, optimizes sales force coverage, and translates insights into field-ready plans .


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