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Businesses have different capital needs as they move past the start-up phase, grow, and support continuous innovation to stay competitive. Prior to joining digital media authentication company DoubleVerify as Managing Director last year, Marc Zagorski was familiar with these stages of a career that has included a variety of startups.

Most recently, he led DoubleVerify through an initial public offering (IPO) of shares to raise $ 340 million. The company has a market value of around $ 6.23 billion, based on its current stock price.

“We see the journey to an IPO as not a destination where the IPO was the destination. It was a step on a much longer path to continued growth over time, ”Zagorski said in this interview with Beet.TV. “The IPO has provided us with a lot of capital that we can continue to invest and grow in our mission to create a stronger, safer and more secure digital advertising ecosystem.”

As a company that seeks to make the digital advertising market more transparent by ensuring that real people see ads, not bots, DoubleVerify also aims to build confidence in their business by disclosing their financial performance as as a state-owned company, Zagorski said.

Before joining DoubleVerify, he was Managing Director of the Telaria sales platform, which last year merged with Rubicon Project to form Magnite. The deal was another sign of the continued evolution of the ad technology industry.

“It’s always evolving, and there is always a new opportunity for growth,” Zagorski said. “The companies I have been fortunate enough to be a part of have been… at the forefront of the future. This is what kept me engaged during all these years.

Investment partners

As important as fundraising is for startups, they also need to find strong investment partners who can provide strategic advice when needed.

“You need capital to keep growing, but the money is, I hate to say it, the money is not easy, but the money is plentiful,” Zagorski said. “It’s what comes with that money that is most important. What you really need to consider is who your partner is helping you bring in those new dollars, and what will they be after those dollars arrive. “

The best investment partners are those who think beyond transactions and a company’s long-term growth prospects. This perspective includes times when businesses face challenges.

“When times are good there are a lot of people who want to be your friend,” Zagorski said. “These are the ones who will be there when times get tough, when you need strategic advice, when selling your story isn’t a slam dunk to every investor you meet. These are the real partners, and this is what you should be looking for as a strategic advisor.

Results-oriented advertising

The digital advertising market is going through a period of upheaval as privacy concerns are driving tech companies to end support for tracking technologies such as third-party cookies and device identifiers. Moving away from people-based measurement will force advertisers to develop other ways to measure engagement in a multiscreen environment.

“Companies that not only follow this activity, but learn to interact with users on all these screens are exciting opportunities for companies like mine who want to partner with them, but also for investors who are looking for growth opportunities. “Zagorski said. .

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