eBay Sellers Are Desperate After GoDaddy Bookkeeping Ends Support


Online sellers are scrambling after learning today that they will no longer be able to use GoDaddy Accounting to track expenses and prepare taxes. eBay sellers in particular are desperate for alternatives.

A salesperson told us, “It’s important, Ina, because I don’t even know if QuickBooks has the ability to import our eBay sales, let alone multiple eBay stores.”

GoDaddy sent the following message to customers this morning:

Online accounting will retire in 30 days.

After careful consideration, we have made the decision to discontinue online bookkeeping on June 18, 2022. At that time, the online bookkeeping tool will stop importing transactions from your connected channels and your existing data will be archived. To give you the best possible experience in the future, we’ve partnered with Intuit to offer you a special discount on QuickBooks Online.

You have until September 30 to upload your accounting content online. You can either move your data to QuickBooks using our migration tool, or export your .csv file and import it to another accounting platform. You will receive a prorated return for any time remaining on your term.

We appreciate your trust and are here to help make your transition as smooth as possible.

Our reader explained the dilemma he and online sellers faced:

“We’ve been using Go Daddy accounting for over a decade, so that’s really bad news. At just $10 and a few changes a month, it’s the most affordable accounting system we’ve found for importing the eBay sales and to prepare our taxes.

“Does anyone have any suggestions other than QuickBooks? Or does anyone know if QuickBooks can import multiple eBay stores?

“I’m sure QuickBooks is much more expensive than what we paid for Go Daddy accounting. So disappointed with this news.”

Quickbooks Online pricing is available at this pageand GoDaddy provided the following FAQ about the discount it had negotiated for its users, valid for one year:

How much will QuickBooks Online from Intuit cost me?

We’ve negotiated a great deal for you at QuickBooks Online. You can get 40% off subscription fees for the first year on any of the plans, starting at $25/month. For comparison, if you were using the GoDaddy Bookkeeping Essential plan, you should find most of its features in the Quickbooks Online “Simple start” plan.

We had heard rumors in March that GoDaddy Bookkeeping might be demise and contacted the company. A GoDaddy spokesperson initially said, “We are still offering GoDaddy Bookkeeping for sale to our customers and have not sent any notification that we are discontinuing the product,” and in a follow-up note, wrote “We’ve verified and customers can still create new accounts by calling. We’re still reviewing other details and will contact you.”

Unfortunately, by waiting until today to confirm the news, that only gives sellers 30 days to find an alternative and get it up and running. We sent another request to GoDaddy this morning.

Some sellers discussing the news online were skeptical, fearing it was a phishing email, but in a FAQs on their site (“Why is GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping being discontinued?”), the company wrote the following:

“GoDaddy Bookkeeping has a great set of features that meet the customer’s needs and at a nominal price. Over these years, we have worked hard to ensure the reliability and performance of the product. But the strategic priorities of the company are are far from bookkeeping and we can’t give this product the full attention it deserves. Other bookkeeping tools on the market may well meet your needs in the future.

We’ll keep an eye out for any listings from eBay or other marketplaces – if you receive one, please forward it to us and we’ll share it here. And please share your suggestions with your colleagues on alternative accounting tools that integrate with e-commerce platforms as well as the costs of using them.


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