EoIs invited by advanced analytics, AI, ML consultants by RBI


As artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and machine learning are integrating into our lives in terms of GPS navigation, stock markets, and more, the central bank is seeking expressions of interest from consultants to these new generation technologies for inputs.

This Reserve Bank of India (RBI) project has been designed to extend the analysis of a huge data repository with the central bank, the RBI statement said recently, adding that externally, through the engagement of external experts, it should significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of supervision. These consultants will be engaged for the purpose of undertaking data mining and profiling with an emphasis on supervision; create, develop and deploy models based on specific use cases identified by the consultant and/or provided by the department and creation; and maintaining a cloud-based digital analysis area, among others.

RBI’s statement revealed that it was seeking the services of consultants for support and assistance in the areas of data mining, data profiling and use cases, among others. Consultants should explore the data available in the universe of collected feedback, which can be identified for a specific use case. (ANI)

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