Farewell: Financial Accounting and Reporting Staff Member Lenora Goni


Staff member Lenora Goni, who served accounting and financial reporting for seven years, died on April 30. She was 59 years old.

Born February 27, 1963, in Artesia, Goni graduated from Kelseyville High School in 1981 and then worked as an accounts payable clerk in Lassen County for many years before being hired as an accounting technician at Chico State in 2015.

Goni’s colleagues say she has made a lasting impression during her time at the department, commenting that she has always had a sense of humor, a supportive attitude and a desire to help with anything someone needs. needed.

“I’ve found her to be one of the most positive people I’ve worked with,” said payments specialist Janita Pierce. “Lenora cared about the quality of her work, always keeping in mind the effect it would have on the next person.

“She had a very kind spirit and had a quick wit that was appreciated by her teammates. And oh, could she make us laugh! added Melissa Taylor, Accounts Payable Manager. “She was a dedicated and thoughtful employee who always participated in supporting the collective efforts and goals of our team and those we support.”

Christine Ponce, now the Administrative Support Coordinator for the College of Business, says she had the pleasure of working with Goni for several years and describes her as a wonderful colleague.

“She was a no-nonsense woman who loved her family and was determined to work,” Ponce said. “She also loved pigs and collected anything that had a pig in it. I once went to her house and she was literally covered in piggies on various objects and still looked cute. She gave me one to remember her when I left accounts payable, and I still have it on my computer desk to this day. I always loved watching her, because she reminded me of her generous spirit.

Several other colleagues also said they treasured the pig trinkets Goni had given them over the years. She is also remembered for loving spending time at the ocean.

Goni is survived by her husband, Rocky; son Richard; daughter Jessica; five grandchildren; and sisters Suzan and Darleen.

No service will be held. Memorial contributions in his name may be made to The Truth Initiative.

The University flag will be lowered on Monday, May 16 in his memory.

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