Grant Thornton pays tribute to a refugee organization with Purple Paladin


Grant Thornton named weaving tales as the next recipient of his Purple Paladin Initiative, which aims to help emerging nonprofits transition from startups to more sustainable organizations through funding, business advice and volunteer support.

Launched in 2019, WeaveTales shines a light on refugee experiences through a variety of artistic mediums, including writing workshops, public speaking initiatives, books, exhibitions and other channels. To date, the nonprofit has helped more than 300 refugees across the country tell their stories.

Grant Thornton noted that although WeaveTales’ selection for the Purple Paladin initiative was made before the current crisis in Ukraine, the company was “particularly moved by the opportunity to support them in light of the displaced people in Europe”. , according to a company representative.

“By helping refugees tell their stories, WeaveTales elevates a complex and vital issue central to creating an equitable society, Grant Thornton CEO Brad Preber said in a statement. “This incredible organization encourages refugee communities around the world – and cultivates a more welcoming home here in America. Grant Thornton is truly honored to be a part of this work.

“For many, the refugee crisis may seem too big or too divisive to talk about,” WeaveTales founder Basma Alawee said in a statement. “That’s why it’s important that the subject be personal. At WeaveTales, we focus on the experiences of individual refugees and connecting neighbors within local communities. »

For more on the Purple Paladin initiative and WeaveTales, visit Grant Thornton’s website here.


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