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CHICAGO, October 31, 2018 / PRNewswire / – Today, Digital Authority Partners, a full-service digital agency, announced a strategic and certified partnership with Mixpanel, the world’s leading product analytics platform. Together, Digital Authority Partners and Mixpanel will bring even more robust analytics solutions to corporate clients across industries.

This recently announced partnership is another great example of Mixpanel’s commitment to its customers. By joining forces with Digital Authority Partners, Mixpanel clients will benefit from an expanding network of analytical experts. In addition, this partnership will allow the two organizations to continue to create products and experiences that users love, faster and better.

“We are excited to partner with Mixpanel to leverage our skills and expertise in using analytics to drive measurable improvements to customer KPIs using the power of user engagement metrics, retention, funnels and behavioral analysis tools from Mixpanel, ”said Michael reddy, President, Digital Authority Partners.

“At Mixpanel, we offer cutting edge analytics to unlock insights from user data,” said Justin lau, Head of Partnerships and General Counsel at Mixpanel. “We are delighted that Digital Authority partners are joining our network of solution partners to provide customers with in-depth analysis strategies focused on their individual use cases. “

Data helps drive great customer experiences. Together, these companies will find new opportunities to engage more deeply with customers through innovative strategies and digital products.

Objectives of the Digital Authority Partners and Mixpanel partnership:

  • Implement strategic analysis solutions to support the growth of clients’ businesses.
  • Enabling our customers to make smarter decisions and act faster to improve their user experience.
  • Help our customers become more customer-centric and data-centric.

From today, Digital Authority Partners services will be available to all Mixpanel customers through the United States. For more information on the Mixpanel Partner Solutions Program, visit:

Media contacts:

Digital authority partners
Marisa Di Sarno
Communication manager
(312) 600-5433
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Mixer panel
Alia Le Cam
Senior Director of Communications and Public Relations
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About digital authority partners

Digital Authority Partners is developing next-generation digital transformation strategies through bold data-driven insights and innovative problem solving. Digital Authority Partners helps organizations reinvent their business, website, mobile app, marketing strategy, user experience, and more, while adapting to the digital age. Digital Authority Partners is headquartered in Chicago. For more information visit:

About Mixpanel

Mixpanel helps the world learn from its data by translating user behavior into actionable knowledge. As a leading user analytics platform, Mixpanel tracks interactions to emerge insights that deliver valuable insights that empower businesses to make smarter decisions, break down knowledge silos, and drive innovation. smart. Mixpanel is headquartered at San Francisco with offices in new York, Seattle, Salt lake city, London, and Singapore. For more information on Mixpanel, visit:

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