InfoCision Improves Customer Satisfaction and Optimizes Contact Center Performance Using OnviSource’s Advanced Analytics


InfoCision deploys the OnviSource multichannel analysis solution in the cloud

Intellecta analytics from OnviSource has demonstrated significant benefits before, and most importantly, during this COVID-19 crisis.

OnviSource today announced that InfoCision, a leading provider of direct marketing solutions, has successfully deployed the cloud version of OnviSource Intellecta Advanced, multi-channel analytics solution, and achieved the desired result in three main areas of Intellecta applications for Big Data Management and Compliance, Workforce Optimization (WFO) and Workforce Management customer experience (CXM).

Intellecta unifies and transcribes InfoCision’s large volume of daily calls and interactions and has the ability to perform thematic categorization of content and manage compliance through drafting of sensitive user-defined data, even in removing them from the original audio and text files.

The unified, categorized and compliant big data is then automatically analyzed by Intellecta for the benefit of InfoCision’s workforce and customer experience. A wide range of features are offered by Intellecta to optimize the performance of the InfoCision workforce, including automated and analytics-based quality assurance, compliance management, critical disclosure assurance , improved First Call Resolution (FCR), discovery of “red flags”, escalations and legal threats, automatic detection and identification of audio issues between agents and customers which have become a critical issue due to Home Work Environments (WFH) and more. All of these capabilities are used by InfoCision to more effectively manage and optimize their agents in the office and those who work remotely from home.

Intellecta has also provided InfoCision with a range of capabilities that support their commitment to customer satisfaction and customer experience management. A large volume of customer interactions is analyzed by Intellecta to uncover relevant information related to customer sentiment, behavior and trends. Actionable insights are used by InfoCision to quickly align their services with the demands and interests of their clients. InfoCision uses Intellecta as a cloud-SaaS solution to easily scale up or scale down and is able to perform analytics either in an automated and scheduled manner or using ad hoc analytics.

“As a leading provider of direct marketing solutions, InfoCision continues to rely on the use of advanced technologies and data-driven business practices to maximize benefits and customer satisfaction; as well as to optimize the performance of its workforce. Such initiatives have become even more critical during the COVID-19 crisis with employees working from home and other challenges, ”said Michael White, chief technology officer at InfoCision. “OnviSource’s Intellecta analysis has demonstrated its significant benefits before and especially during this crisis. In addition, OnviSource tailored its Intellecta solution to our specific needs by offering its Advantage program for free, and let InfoCision first see the benefits in all areas of our data management, WFO and CXM.

Intellecta is powered by OnviSource’s proprietary, multi-engine AI product called iMachine â„¢, offering conversational AI, machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) capabilities. Customers can call iMachine for more complex analyzes, in which case iMachine is trained with “training data” to perform the complex analyzes. Intellecta also uses complex methods and algorithms to perform thematic categorization, relevance, etc.

“It is always a privilege to work with a highly sophisticated client such as InfoCision where our solutions can be extensively used and tested to provide benefit to complex problems,” said Brian Severson, vice president of product management at OnviSource. “We are excited to be part of InfoCision’s digital transformation strategy and its use of emerging technologies. “

Intellecta is one of the three components of OnviSource’s hyper-automation platform that integrates with Intellecta multichannel analytics, iMachine multi-engine AI composed of Algorithmic AI, ML and NLP / NLU; as well as Company’s Orchestra â„¢ RPA to provide a true solution to intelligent automation applications developed by OnviSource.

About InfoCision

InfoCision is the leading provider of direct marketing solutions for businesses across diverse industries, helping our clients make informed decisions that maximize their return on investment. We offer a full suite of direct marketing services that help the nation’s biggest names grow their brands and better serve their customers. From advanced call center services to employee retention, modeling and data analysis, we deliver innovative customer service solutions to benefit any organizational infrastructure, with each program tailored to meet your needs. specific.

About OnviSource

For over a decade, OnviSource has enabled hundreds of small and large businesses across a wide range of industries to cost-effectively manage, automate and improve their customer experience and business processes by delivering advanced solutions for capture, unification, analysis, decision-making and automation of multi-channel data and media. for their entire business, including their contact centers, back offices and IT departments. OnviSource ia.Business Intelligent Automation (AI) solutions offer Workforce Optimization and Workforce Management (WFO / WFM), All-Inclusive Teleservice Customer Engagement Management, multichannel customer engagement analysis, intelligently automated customer survey, process automation via robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent process automation (IPA) and intelligent virtual agent (IVA). The Company provides its solutions as software products, cloud or software as a service (SaaS), managed services, or any combination. OnviSource’s Special Advantage Platinum Program ensures that solutions work for specific customer needs by offering a series of zero-obligation customer support programs, including consultation, proof-of-concept and hands-on assistance to customers. operations. OnviSource is headquartered in Plano, Texas (North Dallas area), with an additional operations center in Oklahoma.

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