KPMG opens a collaboration hub in the metaverse


KPMG’s U.S. and Canadian businesses on Wednesday launched a Metaverse Collaboration Center where its employees, clients and communities will be able to connect, engage and explore growth opportunities across industries and sectors during virtual meetings.

The company envisions a virtual office space where avatars can interact during meetings and training sessions and will feature an animated YouTube video showing what it will look like, with whiteboards, round tables, conference rooms and other gathering places.

Both companies have also created dedicated teams to help customers pursue their own metaverse strategies. The move follows other recent crypto and Web 3.0 developments by KPMG’s two North American companies. KPMG in Canada recently added Ethereum and Bitcoin to its corporate treasury and engaged with the broader crypto ecosystem through the acquisition of a World of Women NFT. KPMG in the United States has integrated non-fungible token experience and crypto education into the onboarding of new professionals. Both companies have also started leveraging Chain Fusion, a proprietary tool that helps audit departments for financial services, fintech and crypto companies. The collaboration hub will enable KPMG to deliver immersive learning and development experiences, as well as recruit talent and converge the physical and digital worlds.

“The Metaverse is a market opportunity, a way to re-engage talent, and a pathway to connect people across the world through a new collaborative experience,” said Laura Newinski, vice president and chief operating officer at KPMG. in the United States, in a press release. the unique experience offered by our Collaboration Center will harness the creativity and passion of our employees and customers to accelerate innovation.

The KPMG Metaverse Collaboration Hub

KPMG US YouTube channel

“Launching a collaborative space in the metaverse is a natural evolution of our journey as an innovation-driven company,” Elio Luongo, managing director and senior partner at KPMG in Canada, said in a statement. “The world has changed dramatically over the past few years, and our employees and customers are interested in exploring new ways of working. This gives them a new, immersive space to exchange ideas.

Other companies have also started getting involved in the metaverse. Last December, Hong Kong-based PricewaterhouseCoopers announced it had purchased land on a metaverse platform known as The Sandbox, and in January, Prager Metis CPAs opened a virtual CPA firm in Decentraland, a 3D virtual world (see article). The Maryland Association of CPAs pioneered the concept in 2008 when it created CPA Island, a space on the Second Life virtual reality platform where some companies like KatzAbosch have opened virtual offices.

For more information on KPMG’s metaverse projects, Click here.


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