Manipur polls: female voters representing 52% of total electorate call for support for small businesses


The famous Ima market in the heart of the Imphal capital of Manipur has shown the true meaning of women’s empowerment with over 5000 women owning their small businesses selling products ranging from clothes, fruits, vegetables to handicrafts .

ANI spoke to some women from Ima market to get an idea of ​​what lies ahead in the battle for Manipur and what do the women of Imphal think of the upcoming elections? and what issues do they decide to vote on?

Speaking to ANI, Sunita, 50, who runs a store selling products for Pooja, said it has been very difficult for everyone over the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and that small businesses have therefore suffered huge amount of loss.

“Despite great promises, the government has not provided much in terms of support and we hope that in the time to come whoever comes to power will look out for the interests of women in all, especially in supporting the small businesses,” Sunita said.

Samia, who also runs a small shop, said: “In the interest of the nation and nation building, it is important that we vote because a good MP will be part of a good government and that will be good for us.

Talking about inflation, Landoni said: “Inflation has been the big drag, our whole budget has been hurt with inflation not only of food and essential services but also of gas and fuel. diesel. As women, we have to manage everything, including the housework and our own work.”

Another store owner, Aifafi, said, “I hope the government will do something and put in place more programs to support small businesses and small entrepreneurs, especially women.”

There is not much to complain about because everything seems to be normal said Meera,

“I am happy because I can work without tension and the environment is safe for women, so we can work without any hesitation.”

Manipur will go to the Assembly polls in two phases on February 28 and March 5. The counting of votes will take place on March 10.


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