New version of SCIOVantage offers advanced analytics providing deeper insight into the market


HARTFORD WEST, Connecticut., October 18, 2017 / PRNewswire / – SCIO Health Analysis today announced the release of an improved version of its SCIOVantage solution that delivers advanced analytics and deeper market insights to healthcare organizations as they manage the shift to value-based care. SCIOVantage is a suite of solutions that simplifies care and network optimization by pulling insights from data and providing a view of actionable information.

The latest version of SCIOVantage not only brings new innovations to the market, but also strengthens SCIO’s ability to support its clients on their journey to value-based results. This version of SCIOVantage enables healthcare organizations to better understand the populations they serve and the providers who serve them. SCIO has incorporated several advanced analysis models as well as meaningful data elements around key areas such as quality and efficiency.

Some of the most notable additions to the solution suite include new report packages on intervention optimization and consumer segmentation. Optimizing interventions helps decision-makers identify which interventions and which individuals or groups to focus their limited resources on in order to obtain the best return on investment. The Consumer Segmentation Report software package enables organizations to segment patient or member populations into distinct consumer types, which enables the development and delivery of more responsive and effective care management programs.

Additionally, SCIOVantage now offers enhanced vendor and network analyzes that allow organizations to browse their vendor networks to identify the best performing and worst performing vendors in terms of quality and efficiency.

“With the transition to value-based care well underway, it has become essential for healthcare organizations to develop new approaches to understanding and interacting with their populations, as well as their providers,” said Eileen Cianciolo, Product Manager at SCIO Health Analytics. “The new and improved SCIOVantage suite of solutions enables decision makers to have a 360-degree view of populations and networks, helping them to focus more precisely on optimizing results, correcting unwarranted variations and eliminating waste. “

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