NU Borders partners with the Zambesia Conservation Alliance to use advanced analytical solutions in the fight against illegal wildlife trade in southern Africa


UN borders, LLC, a data analytics company based in Boston, MA and Washington, DC, continues to grow its presence in the conservation and anti-poaching field. In September 2021, NU Borders partnered with Zambese Conservation Alliance (ZCA), a non-profit organization focused on raising awareness of wildlife conservation efforts through significant and impactful initiatives in the region of Zambesia in Africa, comprising the countries of Angola, Botswana , Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. ZCA and its subsidiaries in the field use cutting-edge technology, including geolocation devices for anti-poaching units (APUs) and GPS tagging of endangered species, to track and protect animals targeted for the illegal wildlife trade (IWT).
NU Borders will work closely with ZCA and its partners to collect, ingest and analyze the data collected in the field, using the Business Intelligence for Commercial Law Enforcement (BITE) Big Data analysis platform. The platform includes cutting-edge technology to identify poaching and illegal wildlife trade across a range of trade and law enforcement data. The aim is not only to identify the individual actors involved in poaching activities, but to target transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) that lead the global inland navigation supply chain by attaching international manifest data to geolocated data. The BITE platform has already been deployed in southern Africa to support the protection of endangered species with a focus on African painted dogs.

“BITE quickly identifies suspicious trends and patterns in the data we ingest in the field and enables task groups to make intelligence-driven decisions for their day-to-day operations,” said NU Borders director of operations and special agent retired Homeland Security Investigations, Dr Tim Gildea.

The primary function of the company is to help law enforcement, regulatory and compliance operators identify threats and illicit activities in their supply chains for several areas of law enforcement. the law, including strategic trade controls, intellectual property theft, wildlife trafficking, human-wildlife conflict, drug smuggling and money. bleaching. In 2018, NU Borders created the BITE platform, a software as a service (SaaS) technology, to help customers ingest and analyze large and complex operational data sets. BITE contains large open source business data sets and picklists, made available to users in all fields. NU Borders’ BITE platform includes visualization tools and access to hands-on training with our data scientists and customs and border enforcement experts.

ZCA was founded with the vision to become an effective and credible collaborator for its conservation awareness and strategic partners in the Zambesia region. ZCA’s mission is to raise awareness about wildlife conservation through its engaging initiatives, including the Ranger Alert Campaign, #WeShareAfrica and #SportForConservation, and the Alliance Conservation Games. After the Conservation Games were held, ZCA was able to support the Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit (APU), Bumi Hills APU, Save Valley Conservancy and the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust. ZCA is working with wildlife protection trusts and IWT field initiatives in the Zambesi region to increase public awareness and communications in relevant industries.

Luke Brown and Robin Brown, co-founders of ZCA, recently said: “Conservation practices in the Zambesia region have been blocked by the often ineffective collection, interpretation and communication of exhibit information. Our partnership with NU Borders will help solve this critical process, preventing IWT by bringing evidence to the fore and enabling more effective and positive action. If we are able to collect extensive data over multiple areas and put it together with BITE, we have a chance to reduce the impact of commercial poaching. “

Big data analytics and real-time analytics are essential for APUs, frontline workers, and conservation groups focused on protecting species and their habitats. With analysis and visualization of large datasets in record time, BITE end users can search millions of records to identify potential transshipment points of endangered species being trafficked intense. Advanced analytics help law enforcement groups quickly analyze large and varied data sets, including court case information, and can be further enhanced by overlaying obvious data to provide insight into the chain global supply of inland navigation. NU Borders’ BITE tool suite includes workflow management and search functions that can be used in the field by APUs and law enforcement agencies to quickly create cases, search for other sets of data and share / export case information. NU Borders is proud to partner with ZCA to bring big data analytics solutions to the Zambesia region and help frontline conservation groups fight IWT and protect the global supply chain .


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