onemoney: OneMoney and Eureka AI to Provide Advanced Analytics Products to BFSI Industry


BANGALORE / NEW DELHI: OneMoney Group announced a strategic partnership with Eureka AI to bridge the data divide and be a data gateway for structured real-time decision-making, and help the banking, financial services and financial services industry. insurance (BFSI) with analysis and technology solutions to enable faster loan decisions.

As part of this partnership, Eureka will distribute its products to a range of customers through the partner network of both organizations. Eureka’s financial intelligence products enable credit and risk assessment based on telecommunications and alternative data as well as open banking and transactional data.

Eureka’s DS2 Feature Store and AI Learning Fabric will provide data scientists with the tools to deliver data science at scale by applying it to One Money CRF partner data obtained with customer consent .

Commenting on the partnership, A Krishna Prasad, Founder and CEO of OneMoney said: “We believe that financial institutions will focus their investments on analytics, fraud detection, digital customer acquisition, money management strategies. customer base and creating efficient lending processes. We have designed smart solutions. to help institutions navigate the current era. With a focus on consumer privacy as a primary requirement, we believe Eureka’s solutions, along with OneMoney’s gateway capabilities, will provide the impetus to drive risk-based structured lending. led by RBI will create significant boost for India’s credit ecosystem through consent-based data sharing; this enables institutions to make better lending decisions and build customer confidence in all segments. ”

“Our association with OneMoney has come at a turning point for the BFSI industry and the entire credit ecosystem in general. Our analytics use proprietary algorithms to generate information, which makes it easier to understand customers and their needs. The end solutions enable the user to automate customer acquisition, improve persistence, help increase sales and prevent fraud through smarter customer management ”, said Sathya Kalyanasundaram, Eureka’s Managing Director and CEO for South Asia in a statement.


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