Paravision expands its CV tools with people detection and advanced analytics


Paravision introduced a Software Development Kit (SDK) with advanced person detection and attribute analysis capabilities to complement or operate independently of its facial recognition.

The new set of computer vision tools uses video streams or still images and runs on standard computing platforms, operating systems and programming languages, to detect the presence and location of people without necessarily identifying who they are through biometrics, according to a company statement. The system can also associate certain attributes with detected individuals.

The capacities can be used with those of Paravision facial recognition technology as long as the video streams and photos have sufficiently high image quality.

The people detection capability operates over a wide range of deployment distances, from far away with lower resolution close-up views to higher resolution and in different operational environments.

Paravision claims that the development of the people detection system is intended to complement its facial recognition technology with the ability to establish and track the occupation, attributes or actions of people in a given field of view or physical space. , or operate completely independently, as the use case and operational policy of the entity deploying it justifies.

The launch of the Person Detection and Advanced Attribute Analysis Toolkit also represents a step beyond biometrics for Paravision.

“AI and computer vision technology is evolving at a breakneck pace, and as a Silicon Valley company, we believe we have the opportunity to take advantage of amazing new developments at every level, from executives from computer vision to advanced processor designs to new camera technologies, ”Paravision’s chief marketing officer, Joey Pritikin, told Biometric Update in an interview about the Converge launch announcement.

The analytics offering brings AI computer vision to a wide range of computing environments, including cloud or data center deployments, and edge or on-device implementations. The company notes its partnerships with Intel, Nvidia, Ambarella and the OpenVINO, TensorRT and CVflow computer vision frameworks. Capabilities are provided through an SDK or Docker container to support flexible application development and rapid deployment.

The company raised $ 23 million in June and announced plans to expand its facial recognition and computer vision. Then, in July, Paravision announced the appointment of biometrics industry expert Benji Hutchinson as the company’s new president and chief operating officer.

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