Pilot Wave Holdings Hires Matt Sattler, Former Global Head of Advanced Analytics at HSBC, to Take Analytics to the Next Level


NEW YORK, September 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Pilot Wave Holdings (“Pilot Wave”), the World’s Leading Technology-Based Acquisition and Growth Company, Hires Top-in-Class Talent Matt Sattler to develop the analytical capacities of the company. Matt joins the firm as a partner and brings extensive experience in developing new products and services, building strategies and capabilities for sharing data and analytics, and using innovative technologies to accelerate business. growth.

Mr Sattler joins Pilot Wave after an impressive career at HSBC as global head of advanced analytics for corporate and investment banking, where he has used methods such as AI, data science and big data to create new products and services. In addition, he has established data labs in various countries and led the development of the world’s first corporate graduate internship program for data science and engineering.

“We couldn’t be happier to have added such tremendous talent to the Pilot Wave team,” said Afsheen Afshar, Founder and Managing Partner of Pilot Wave Holdings Management. “Mr. Sattler has a proven track record in growing businesses using advanced data capabilities and disruptive technologies. We’re excited that it creates a premier data and analytics platform that we can share across our ecosystem and at the same time. accelerate the growth of the company. It is an extremely exciting time for all of us at Pilot Wave and for our partners. “

About Pilot Wave Holdings

Pilot Wave Holdings is the first acquisition company dedicated to bringing modern technology to small businesses. Comprised of hybrid investment professionals, operators and technologists, the team joins forces with exceptional leadership to grow businesses and help them stay competitive in the technological age. For more information, please contact: [email protected]


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