Predicting Customer Lifetime Value for a Telco | Quantzig offers advanced analytical solutions to combat customer churn in the global telecommunications market


LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Quantzig, a global data analytics and consulting company that provides actionable analytics solutions to solve complex business problems, announced the completion of its customer lifetime value analysis engagement.

Telecommunications operators, on a global scale, are responsible for making communication possible on a large scale. The most important companies in this sector are Internet service providers, wireless operators and satellite companies. In particular, the telecommunications industry is driven by continuous innovations and technological developments, which enable service providers to offer a wide range of services at low cost. However, certain factors, such as growing competitive pressures and ongoing developments, pose significant challenges to the growth of telecommunications service providers.

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Case in point: How Quantzig helped a telecommunications company reduce churn using customer lifetime value prediction

The client, a well-known telecommunications service provider, wanted to know the total value of their customers from different angles in order to identify profitable customers and determine the average revenue per user. The client approached Quantzig to leverage their analytics expertise to spend their resources wisely to acquire new clients and retain profitable ones.

With the help of customer lifetime value, they also wanted to research ways to improve business decisions regarding product development, sales, marketing, and provide reliable customer service to customers, thereby maintaining a long-lasting relationship. terms with customers. Quantzig’s customer analytics experts helped the client develop a marketing strategy that maximized retention, bottom line, and minimized acquisition and remarketing costs. This, in turn, offered actionable insights about customers based on future cash flows, which helped the client effectively distinguish between customers in terms of profitability. Book a free trial our proprietary customer analytics platforms to understand how you can benefit in real time.

Predicting Customer Lifetime Value also allowed the customer to achieve the following results:

  • Marketing campaigns optimized to increase conversions
  • Using value-based segmentation models to target the most profitable customer groups
  • Analysis of customer lifecycles to improve budgeting, customer segmentation and prioritization

At Quantzig, we believe that the growing complexity of the telecom industry has paved the way for new analytics-based business models that telecom operators must leverage to meet the growing needs of a well-informed customer base.

To support your efforts, our analytics experts have developed a comprehensive portfolio of telecom analytics solutions that can help you succeed in all your business endeavours. Contact our analytics experts knowing that we can help you uncover new opportunities using the right analytics solutions.

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