Presentation of KEPLER Advanced Analytics®, KEPLER’s Big Data accelerator


KEPLER Advanced Analytics®, a unique positioning to meet the challenges of data in business.

CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, Jan. 10, 2022 / — In an increasingly digital environment, leveraging the massive amount of data it generates is a strategic challenge for most businesses. Boutique consulting firm KEPLER, already endowed with recognized operational expertise throughout the value chain – Innovation, Purchasing, Supply Chain and Operations – sees its offer multiplied by the Big Data capacities offered by its new subsidiary: KEPLER Advanced Analytics®based in Chennai, India.

“Big Data initiatives often run into a fundamental lack of preparation and overall strategic vision. In Procurement alone, very few companies could optimally address spend analysis, supplier risk, volume and portfolio allocations based on factual and consolidated data Data Scientists, whose job it is to build convincing data models, need data available in quantity and a clear framework validated by management to act. majority of executives urgently need analytics for effective decision-making, lean operations, and value synthesis, and many do not have enough time or capacity to meet all the requirements. Traditional Data-Scientists or pure Analysts are not experts in the subjects on which they act, whether it is purchases, costs or even the total cost of ownership. situation where our hybrid model comes into play. The combination of Business, Sector Insights, Data-Operations and Digital Application expertise places us at the heart of our clients’ strategy. strategic issues that enhance the value of the entire organization” – Bernard Ouriou, Partner at KEPLER.

KEPLER’s expertise now goes beyond consulting, offering tailor-made data analysis capabilities: control towers, SCM, logistics forecasting projects, inter-unit dashboards, synergy assessment, VAVE analysis based on machine learning and spend analysis, cost models, pricing models, or product standardization backup. “In terms of data extraction, our teams are now able to perform it regardless of the scenario presented: from a proprietary system, a cloud solution, a central repository (data pool, data lake) , or any type of local file: Raw, OCR , Text, PDF, JSON, etc. We are even able to extract data manually from 2D or 3D plans or even code through highly secure processes while remaining compliant with fully covered NDA clauses” – Khaja Hameed, Managing Director of KEPLER Advanced Analytics Pvt Ltd.

Consulting and analysis work is done on the basis of advanced diagnostics, integrating company-specific prerequisites, including target functionalities and Business Intelligence opportunities detected through available data. The operations carried out by our teams are made complete with the technical support available to our teams. Thanks to the mastery of the main codes and programming languages, including BI coding, Python, Query languages ​​or even R, it results in the delivery of turnkey and tailor-made data projects that meet the client’s architecture. : PowerBI, Tableau, Analyst, or any proprietary property. system. “The KEPLER Advanced Analytics teams regularly intervene to extend our customers’ processing capacity. We are cross-functional data scientists and pragmatic solution providers. And we can operate entirely remotely” – Khaja Hameed.

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