Sapphire and UBIX Labs provide advanced analytics for intelligent transformation


All 1,250 Sapphire customers will benefit from UBIX Advanced Intelligence thanks to this partnership

FREMONT, Calif.: “Digital Operations Transformation is the new engine room of business differentiation and unlimited power supply that enables greater agility, intelligence, speed, productivity, efficiency, and competitive advantage. UBIX delivers that power. In a In a world where being 1% smarter, 1% more efficient or 1% more predictive in running your business can have an exponential impact, UBIX is driving that advantage,” commented Chris Gabriel, Chief Strategy Officer at Sapphire.

Sapphire, a leading provider of frictionless digital operations transformation software and services to over 1,250 midsize and small businesses, has partnered with UBIX Labs, the Advanced Analytics for Business company. The collaboration will simplify and accelerate data analytics and data science to optimize the efficiency of digital operations transformation. With Sapphire, companies can leverage the power of digital cloud platforms to transform all key business operational functions, including finance, supply chain, asset management and digital operations, changing all key business operational functions through the use of cross-platform digital platforms. A leading partner of SAP, ServiceNow, HxGN EAM, Infor SunSystems and Automation Anywhere, it is a leading cross-platform digital operations transformation provider.

“UBIX Labs and its advanced, rapidly deployable data platform will boost our customers’ ability to make smart, data-driven decisions without the huge dependencies, specialized AI and machine learning skills, or complex technologies that can sometimes We now have a data portfolio of analytics and data science services that uniquely positions us to become the strategic data partner for our customers.”

With UBIX, companies can easily leverage their existing customer analytics, ERP, and CRM infrastructure to create new insights. This is supported by the ability to combine transactional and external data to create new insights that are used to make smart business decisions. UBIX can solve many business analytics challenges quickly and affordably. Indeed, it can solve them quickly and affordably, which is impossible without data science and artificial intelligence. There is a huge range of use cases that UBIX can address, including smart migration, front-end, and back-end solutions.

“Through our relationship with Sapphire, more organizations can now harness the power of UBIX for intelligent cloud migration, preserving critical data assets and bolstering an advanced analytics strategy,” said John Burke. , CEO of UBIX. “We know that by leveraging UBIX’s advanced analytics platform, Sapphire can further strengthen its market position and become a leader in delivering intelligent enterprise solutions.”

The partnership will see Sapphire integrate the UBIX Labs platform into its portfolio of digital operating platforms and ultimately lead to Sapphire developing a white label artificial intelligence services platform that UBIX Labs powers under its brand.


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