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All eyes are on small business-focused accounting company SmartBean®, which continues to offer local businesses the opportunity to simplify their finances

[Running a small business] requires intelligence, resilience, enormous self-awareness and courage. My dream is to create services that will allow entrepreneurs to be more successful in life”

—Lisa Nguyen

TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 23, 2022 / — Thanks to excellent accounting and the knowledge of its founders, SmartBean® hopes to make a difference in the lives of micro and small businesses around the world.

In addition to offering expert financial services, the Tustin, California-based accounting assistance company recently published an accounting basics article titled What does an accountant do? A guide for small business ownersof its financial experts.

But this bookkeeping company transcends the geographic location of small businesses nationwide.

As such, the finance company aims to expand its reach to help micro and small businesses thrive by offering knowledge, empathy and financial expertise.

What is SmartBean®?

“SmartBean® offers small businesses the ability to effectively monitor and balance their books, says CEO and Founder Lisa Nguyen.

But public accountant and self-proclaimed “Boss Bean” at SmartBean®, Lisa Nguyen, is more than the financial face and CEO of the company. She understands the small business mindset and what it takes to overcome adversity.

“I’ve worked for small businesses, invested in small businesses, and owned my own small business. I have tremendous respect and empathy for small business entrepreneurs.

And indeed, Lisa Nguyen uses this expertise to fuel Smart Bean® become a solid financial resource for small businesses. Working in finance for over 20 years, Nguyen has built a reservoir of compassion, expertise and financial good faith to help small businesses around the world.

“[Running a small business] it takes intelligence, resilience, enormous self-awareness and courage to start and build a viable business. My dream is create products and services that will inspire fearless entrepreneurs to smile more, love more, and get more out of life.

Learn About Small Business Accounting with Lisa Nguyen and SmartBean®

In the article, the SmartBean® The team discusses some of the most effective ways for an accountant to operate. And, by extension, how essential small business accounting is to financial success.

Accountants, the SmartBean® Team states, have a few key responsibilities.

“Accountants manage the company’s general ledger, a full and complete record of its accounts and activities, which then provides the data for monthly, quarterly, annual or year-to-date financial reports, for example, balance sheets.”

And while accountants may choose old-fashioned pen and paper to accomplish their tasks, financial experts use up-to-date software to make things run smoother these days.

“More [bookeepers] now use accounting software, like QuickBooks® or Xero, for this purpose, as it is often more efficient.

Similarly, small business accountants show debits and credits.

“Accountants – via double-entry bookkeeping – ensure that every financial transaction is recorded and accounted for… to the nearest penny.”

Is an accountant an accountant? Smart Bean® share everything

For those not in the know, accountant vs. accountant titles pop up all the time. In fact, many use the terms interchangeably. However, says SmartBean® Vice President of Sales Victor Constantino, accountants and bookkeepers have very clear differences.

“An accountant plays a more administrative role,” Constantino explains.

“[Bookkeepers are] in the trenches every day: recording transactions, keeping a receipts journal, preparing bank statements. As a result, they often intimately understand a company’s financial operations.

In effect, these professionals are the resident financial experts of a small business, advising business owners of expenses, costs, and more.

Offering a simple but effective analogy to illustrate the difference between an accountant and an accountant, Constantino states:
“Think of their sous chefs as accountants; they gather and organize the ingredients.

On the other hand, Constantino says, accountants have a different role in the hierarchy of a small business and in the functioning of finances.

“An accountant works more like an advisor. They review statements prepared by an accountant and offer information they infer from those reports. Their training and experience gives owners a better understanding of how their small business works…and why. »

Accounting, The SmartBean® Way

While intrepid business owners rightly want to take on multiple roles in business planning, sometimes it makes sense to leave the responsibilities to accounting experts.

Smart Bean® takes all the financial pressure off small business owners by taking the reins from the start. Small Business Owners Meet a Designated SmartBean® accountant to talk about finances.

Creating a successful partnership between client and accountant is a deeply important business practice Lisa Nguyen and the SmartBean® finance professionals take to heart. It is a long-term goal and a consistent business philosophy on which SmartBean® was built.

After developing a good relationship with an accounting expert, business owners give the SmartBean® team members have access to various accounts, such as PayPal, bank statements, and credit card statements.

With this crucial financial information, the SmartBean® the team makes sure everything is in order. The SmartBean® The team starts creating useful and easy to understand graphs, charts and reports that keep the business owner up to date all the time.

With no mixing of accounts, quick reconciliation services, and help categorizing important financial categories, these accounting experts let small business owners rest easy.

Simplify things with SmartBean®

Using the SmartBean® services guarantees micro and small business owners an invaluable financial ally to get everything they need.

“Again, as a small business, you shouldn’t have to go it alone with accounting and finance.”

Being an ally is important to Lisa Nguyen and the SmartBean® crew. Returning to his financial roots and his experience with small businesses over the years, Nguyen emphasizes the essential nature of these bookkeeping services and advice.

“The Experts at SmartBean® are keen to help small businesses and corporations get their finances in order. At Smart Bean®we want to see the small businesses we love thrive and succeed in their industries. »

Learn more about SmartBean®

Founded in 2018, SmartBean® is an accurate and reliable daily accounting service for small businesses.

Focusing on micro and small businesses, SmartBean® aims to support business owners, allowing them to focus on customer service and leave the finances to the accounting experts.

For more information on SmartBean®visit the official website.

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