SMU Accounting Professor Seow Poh Sun Receives First EAA Accounting Education Excellence Award


Seow Poh Sun, Associate Professor of Accounting (Education) and Associate Dean (Teaching and Curriculum) was chosen as the first recipient of the award European Accountancy Association (EAA) Award for Excellence in Accounting Education.

The EAA Accounting Education Excellence Award aims to highlight excellent practices in accounting education that address thought leadership in the field, innovation, and leading practices in pedagogy, technology, and content.

“I believe that teaching is not just about transferring knowledge. It is about motivating and inspiring students to be curious and enthusiastic about learning. To inspire my students, I strive to spark their interest by demonstrating its real-world relevance. I believe that learning becomes a joy if I can spark their interest in pursuing their knowledge, says Assoc Prof Seow.

Assoc Prof Seow has done inspiring work in the pedagogy of accounting education. He is a passionate and creative educator who has contributed significantly to transforming accounting courses through technology-enabled learning and experiential learning pedagogy. He was the co-creator of the world’s first accounting mobile game app (Accounting Challenge app, now known as EMS Challenge app), which has 40,006 downloads in 90 countries (as of December 31, 2021). He also co-created a second game app known as Red Flags Accounting Fraud in 2019 to help students learn to identify accounting fraud. To date, Red Flags has had over 2,700 downloads and students have responded positively to the game.

Additionally, he has created three online e-learning tutorials; Resource-Event-Agent (REA) Data modeling of business processes (revenue cycle) and business processes (expense cycle) for teaching Accounting Information System (AIS) courses. The REA Online Tutorial received the 2018 Outstanding Educational Contribution Award from the Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Section of the American Accounting Association, in recognition of its development of original educational materials.

Apart from technology-based learning, Assoc Prof Seow also designed a student-generated video project (“Using Student-Generated Videos to Learn Internal Controls”) to motivate students to use self-directed active learning. His work has had a positive impact on student learning, and other faculty have quickly adopted his innovations in practice around the world. His work has been widely recognized throughout the accounting education community, and he has a sustained record of excellence as well as international awards and scholarships.

Anastasia Kopita, Chair of the EAA Education Committee, Members of the Awards Committee made these remarks to Professor Assoc Seow: “We have been ‘impressed’ by your inspiring work in improving the pedagogy of accountancy education, your significant contribution to technology-enabled learning and your continued support. a track record of excellence as well as international awards, scholarship results and recognition from the accounting education community.

Professor Cheng Qiang, Dean of SOA, said, “Associate Professor Seow has inspired many teachers and students with his innovative teaching methods. Indeed, we are very proud that he received another international award and we will continue to implement innovative teaching practices in our program.

Professor Assoc Seow, upon accepting the award, said: “This award would not have been possible without the support of many colleagues. Special thanks to Professor Stewart Leech and Professor Steve Sutton for writing the letters of support. I am also grateful to my Dean, Professor Cheng Qiang, and the SMU Center for Teaching Excellence for supporting and funding my various teaching pedagogy projects. I will continue to explore ways to maximize engagement with my students and create a stimulating learning environment for them. »

As part of his award, Assoc Prof Seow will receive free registration to the following year’s EAA conference with support to cover travel and accommodation costs up to €1,250. He will also be invited to facilitate a workshop/classroom session at the Annual Meeting to share his best practices, and an opportunity to write up this practice in a case study to post on the Accountancy Resource Center website.

You can read more about Assoc Prof Seow and its price here.

Assoc Prof Seow has won several international and local teaching and research awards. He was the first professor in Asia to receive the Howard Teall Award for Innovation in Accounting Education (First Prize) in 2020 from the Canadian Association of Accounting Scholars for his video learning project to teach the internal controls. He also received the American Accounting Association (AAA) Outstanding Educational Contribution Award in 2018 for developing an online tutorial to teach database modeling, the AAA Jim Bulloch Award for Innovations in Teaching of management accounting in 2017 and the 2015 AAA Award for Innovation in Accounting Education, for its award-winning Accounting Challenge (ACE) mobile learning app. He and his staff were the first teachers in Asia to win all three AAA awards.

Warmest congratulations, Assoc Prof Seow!


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