Sydney Business School provides advanced analytical training for NSW students


Sydney Business School at the University of Wollongong (UOW) now teaches advanced business analysis with SAS to provide business analysis training in New South Wales.

As such, he joined the local SAS academic community and is collaborating with SAS on their recent Master of Business Analytics degree.

This is the first Master of Business Analytics in New South Wales to be accredited by the respected SAS Joint Certificate Program in Business Analytics and Advanced Business Analytics, which adds value to students when looking for business opportunities. ‘use.

According to UOW, educators are keenly aware that SAS is widely regarded as the benchmark for analytics by leading private and public sector organizations around the world, and that by exposing their students to SAS, they give them a competitive edge. in today’s data-rich business environment.

Dr Joshua Fan, academic director of the Master of Business Analytics program at UOW’s Sydney Business School, says rapid digitization means there is more information than ever on which organizations can base their decisions, but the crucial success factor is how and when to use it strategically.

“Business analysis is one way organizations can achieve these business goals. There is currently an acute shortage of skilled business analysis professionals able to interpret and decipher the complex data available to businesses today, in order to inform strategic business decisions, ”he said.

“Our Master of Business Analytics has been specially designed to prepare students for the skills required to become leaders in this environment. They will learn to translate ideas into effective action and develop an understanding of business performance to gain competitive advantage, ”said Fan.

There are now more than 40 higher education institutions in Australia and New Zealand that have incorporated SAS modules into their curricula for future data scientists and other advanced business analysis students, and it is expected to be a area of ​​job growth over the next 10 years, says UOW.

The University will also adopt SAS Viya for learners. SAS Viya is an open source product that runs in the cloud to enable everyone, including data scientists, business analysts, developers, and executives, to collaborate and drive innovative results faster.

Ian Edwards, head of academic outreach at SAS Australia and New Zealand, says companies around the world now recognize analytical skills as essential to improving productivity, competitive advantage and profitable growth. As government agencies, health care providers, security services, and more, all look to analytics to improve services to the community.

“SAS welcomes the University of Wollongong to its SAS Masters and Joint Certification programs and looks forward to playing its part in providing the best analytical training in the future,” said Edwards.


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