Synder launches a major painkiller for accounting for large online sales


SAN FRANCISCO, October 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Synder, an e-commerce accounting and analytics software, is releasing Daily Summary Sync, a long-awaited feature enabling an unparalleled experience for accountants and bookkeepers who work with high-value merchants. sales volume.

The daily summary feature allows the import of daily summary totals of transactions from multiple sources, such as Stripe, PayPal, Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, Clover, etc., into accounting ledgers like QuickBooks Online (and more) without overload them with excessive data. Accounting specialists using Synder can take advantage of both per-transaction synchronization and daily summaries, choosing the most appropriate accounting mode for their clients.

Here’s what’s under the hood:

A single solution for multi-client management

Many accountants and bookkeepers who work with multiple clients are faced with the need to comply with their requirements regarding the data they wish to have on their books. While some businesses may need to have product and customer details in the books, others would only like to have purely financial records. This often results in the need to use different solutions to provide the required means of data synchronization.

Synder offered customers only automated imports per transaction, allowing them to synchronize highly detailed transaction data from multiple e-commerce and payment platforms with accounting.

With the new daily summary feature enabled, Synder captures the daily scope of transactions, composing a single log entry of purely financial data for each sales channel that one could use to post to the books.

In this way, accounting professionals can now opt for a single solution and choose the most appropriate option according to the needs of each of their clients.

Better book control

Synder Daily Summary helps to better understand and control the data that goes into the books with a few tips:

  • Smart mapping that allows users to align JEs with the accounts they want to use in the books. Thus, it helps ensure that transaction details such as sales, fees, taxes, SKUs, or expenses are properly categorized according to a business’s needs.
  • Break down data by platforms by creating JEs for each connected data source separately, instead of just one summary for the day, so you can see and compare the performance of each of the company’s sales channels.
  • Flexibility in the level of automation you would like to rely on. Available options include either allowing Synder to put the process on full autopilot, or having the ability to review created journal entries before synchronizing them with the accounting system.

Scalability of practice

Synder supports 25+ integrationsincluding Stripe, Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Square, Walmart, PayPal, and more, meeting the needs of all customers regardless of the platforms they use to run their business.

As Synder Founder and CEO Michael Astreiko says, “We’ve been listening to feedback from bookkeepers and bookkeepers who work with large clients over the past few months. And we want to assure you that we hear you, and we’re here for you. We’re doing this to make your life easier and move faster to CAS 2.0.”

At Synder, we believe there are still many opportunities to improve the workflows of accountants and bookkeepers serving multiple clients. Therefore, we have spent years analyzing and finding work patterns with large amounts of transactions that can be effectively automated with our software, reducing the stress accountants and bookkeepers have to deal with, especially during tax season. However, this only becomes possible if we strive to go beyond mere technology and automation and deliver the best customer experience and human communication.

About Synder by CloudBusiness Inc.

Synder is a powerful and best-in-class e-commerce accounting and analytics software that helps manage business finances within an intelligent ecosystem, storing all necessary data and real-time numbers in one place for easy management of finances and operations and informed decision-making. manufacturing.

Founded in 2019, it has garnered thousands of positive reviews on QuickBooks App Store, Capterra, G2and Trustpilothelping to improve accounting processes for companies in the US, UK, Canadaand Australia.

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