Tecsys Launches Advanced Analytics for Retail Supply Chain Using Microsoft Power BI


NEW YORK, January 14, 2020 / CNW / – Tecsys Inc. (TSX: TCS), a leading supply chain management software company, has chosen Microsoft to enable smart retail by leveraging Microsoft Power BI to power enterprise cloud-native retail order management analytics. Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics tool suite that enables retailers and consumer goods companies around the world to gain better insights into their customers, empower their employees with tools and platforms. -modern forms, to provide a smart supply chain and ultimately to reinvent their business.

With this launch, Tecsys retail software leverages Power BI to provide customers with operational KPIs suitable for advanced order distribution management. Out-of-the-box reports help users identify bottlenecks in order management, quantify opportunities for process optimization and customer satisfaction, and analyze distribution channels for financial performance. The new integrated business intelligence tool will be unveiled at the NRF Big Retail Show which will take place January 12 to 14, 2020 in New York City.

Retailers are running Tecsys software on Microsoft Azure to power omnichannel retail. The new Power BI solution will allow customers to better interact with their data dynamically while benefiting from cutting-edge supply chain and cloud computing expertise, respectively.

“Our global network of merchants is better equipped to expand their omnichannel operations with a data-driven understanding of the performance of their sales channels so that they can optimize their order management processes,” explains Sarah mcmullin, Product Manager at Tecsys. “With this new business intelligence feature, we’ve unlocked rich order data for all of our customers, providing access to the best distributed order management KPIs with trend and time series views as part of their existing SaaS subscription. ”

Retailers running on the Tecsys platform will also have the ability to connect directly to the source data, which will allow internal data science teams to perform deeper analysis.

“We are delighted that Tecsys is presenting at NRF how technology is applied to help retailers compete and succeed,” said Greg jones, Director of Business Strategy for Worldwide Retail at Microsoft. “As the retail industry continues to transform, our partners are essential in helping us solve the biggest challenges for retailers and uncover valuable new opportunities to reinvent retail. “

Tecsys exhibits at NRF Retail’s Big Show at booth 744. To find out more about Tecsys, visit www.tecsys.com.

About Tecsys
Tecsys is a global provider of transformative supply chain solutions that equip growing organizations with cutting-edge services and tools to achieve operational greatness. Tecsys solutions are designed to clarify the complex supply chain challenges organizations face with increasing scale, customer expectations and inventory. Built on an enterprise platform, Tecsys solutions include warehouse management, distribution and transportation management, point-of-use supply management, retail order management, as well as complete solutions financial management and analysis. By co-creating a more responsive supply chain, Tecsys ensures that growth-oriented organizations have the opportunity to thrive and achieve their aspirations. For more information on Tecsys supply chain solutions, visit: www.tecsys.com

Over 1,000 customers trust Tecsys for their supply chains in healthcare, retail, parts, third-party logistics and general wholesale high volume distribution. Tecsys shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol TCS.

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