Veteran Seattle entrepreneurs raise funds for covert advanced analytics startup Lamda


Brian Lent and David Bluhm, co-founders of Lamda. (Lamda photos)

Brian Lent and David Bluhm team up again on another startup.

Seasoned Seattle entrepreneurs who previously sold Medio Systems to Nokia in 2014 are back with a stealth advanced analytics startup called Lamda.

Lent and Bluhm, who have two other anonymous co-founders, raised $ 1 million as part of a larger funding round from investors, including Unlock Venture Partners, a new Seattle start-up co-led. through Andy Liu, and assembled a team of eight employees.

Lamda is developing technology powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning that focuses on one of the largest asset classes in the world. It will initially be a B2C game, with potential B2B services offered later.

Lent and Bluhm did not disclose further details about Lamda’s products and business plan when contacted by GeekWire on Tuesday.

The management of the company has a lot of start-up experience. Lent and Bluhm in 2004 helped launch Medio, which started out as a mobile search service but evolved into a mobile analytics provider that Nokia took over and integrated into its HERE Technologies branch. A consortium of German automakers then acquired HERE in 2015.

Lent, who is the CEO of Lambda, stayed with HERE after the deal and was most recently CTO before leaving last year to launch Lamda. Lent has already started businesses, including Micro Revelations and Intelligent Results. He was an executive at Junglee before Amazon acquired him in 1998; Lent spent the next two years at Amazon, where he established his first data mining group.

Bluhm is a longtime veteran of Seattle startups. He previously ran companies such as Z2Live and DropForge Games, and is president of Powerit, a new battery startup.


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