Woodard Partners With Wolters Kluwer To Provide Small Accounting Practices With Enterprise-Class Tools


An accountant’s toolkit

Our partnership with Wolters Kluwer will address the challenges accountants face by offering XCM’s enterprise-class workflow and outsourcing services in an affordable manner even for the smallest accounting and tax practices.

Woodard announces a unique partnership with Wolters Kluwer where Woodard will package and price some of Wolters Kluwer’s enterprise level solutions and services in a manner that is suitable and affordable for small bookkeeping and accounting practices.

The partnership focuses on Wolters Kluwer’s XCM Workflow solution and XCM’s associated tax and accounting outsourcing service called “Xpitax”.

According to Joe Woodard, “Bookkeepers struggle with the pressures of company-level competitors, the hyper-commodity and the difficulty of recruiting and retaining employees. Our partnership with Wolters Kluwer will help address the challenges accountants face by offering XCM’s enterprise-class workflow and outsourcing services in an affordable manner, even for the smallest accounting and tax practices.

The partnership with Wolters Kluwer is part of a program at Woodard called “Advanced Accounting System,” where accounting practices and CAS practices receive turnkey and comprehensive accounting production checklists, automation via Woodard’s production automation software partners, highly secure, mobile-centric collaboration, and streamlined costs associated with bookkeeping technologies.

With the advanced accounting system, XCM and Xpitax workflow, small firms can now operate at the same level of efficiency and modernization as their enterprise-wide competitors.

Ray Barlow, Director of Outsourcing Operations for Tax and Accounting North America at Wolters Kluwer, said: “The XCM team at Wolters Kluwer is proud to have partnered with Woodard and its advanced accounting system to equip small and medium-sized practices with a world-class shared service center and empower them to evolve their practices with less risk, less stress and greater efficiency at the practice level. “

About Woodard

Woodard’s vision is to transform small businesses through small business advisors. The company provides training, coaching, resources and professional communities for small business advisors and hosts programs such as the annual Scaling New Heights®, Woodard Alliance, Woodard Institute and Woodard Groups. Learn more at Woodard.com.

About Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer is a global provider of professional information, software solutions and services for healthcare; taxation and accounting; governance, risks and compliance; and the legal and regulatory sectors. Wolters Kluwer has served professionals for many decades, helping them improve workflows and make informed decisions. Their expert solutions – a combination of in-depth domain knowledge with advanced technology and services – deliver better results, analytics and improved productivity and solve complex problems for our customers. Learn more at WoltersKluwer.com.

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