YourMembership Advanced Analytics offers new interactive data insights for associations


Integrated Nucleus data analytics platform presents actionable insights for clients to drive member growth, retention rates and engagement scores

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida., September 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Community Brands, the leading provider of software and payment solutions for associations, is proud to announce the launch of the new advanced analytics by YourMembership AMS. This data platform, integrated by Nucleus – offered to all current and new customers – gives staff instant access to high-quality, interactive visual data beyond standard reports. Nucleus is now the leading provider of analytics for associations and nonprofits.

Associations can use data insights to prioritize member initiatives and engagement, better understand trends to make data-driven decisions, create personalized outreach campaigns, and generate revenue to drive their association forward.

With immediately actionable data visualizations, YourMembership AMS users are better able to make informed business decisions. This knowledge gained can help organizations advance their mission and inspire members to renew year after year.

What makes Advanced Analytics different from standard static reports?

  • Intuitive interface: easy-to-use analytics for everyone
  • Glossary: ​​Shared understanding of key definitions
  • Data export: reach the right people with subsets of data
  • Explore: break down the data to get a comprehensive view of the dashboard

“Our latest launch is a game-changer for associations. This integrated, enterprise-level analytics is a huge enhancement to the product available to all YM customers, and we’re more than excited to deliver the next level of actionable insights. for associations,” said Quinn Hoffman, Managing Director of YourMembership. “This is a feature requested by so many organizations and it really is a new frontier in the AMS space. The user-friendly dashboard is fantastic and will provide associations with instant access to so many new opportunities in membership management. .”

Learn more about YourMembership Advanced Analytics on Data Analytics | Your Membership.

Data-driven decisions add more value, and Advanced Analytics gives customers the ability to quickly gain visibility into critical information such as member growth, retention rates, and engagement scores.

Actionable insights that help organizations move forward:

  • Track the full membership lifecycle, from non-member to retired member.
  • Easily configure dashboards based on fiscal year or member types.
  • Generate event reports for all registration and attendance types.
  • Quickly view renewal rates, expired members, and new members with customizable start and end periods.

Save staff time eliminating custom and cumbersome reports, increase income with the trends to develop your programs, and boost member engagement discovering new information about the data. Advanced analytics and dashboards are part of YourMembership’s all-in-one member management system.

Advanced analytics and dashboards are part of YourMembership’s all-in-one member management system. Request a demo

About Your AMS Membership

YourMembership association management software is the membership solution small-staffed associations need to drive member success and growth. A solution to lighten the workload, boost member engagement and increase revenue. As the only small-staff solution with a modern, integrated online community, you’ll convert sporadic conversations into ongoing engagement, increasing member value and revenue throughout the year.

About Nucleus

Nucleus is the premier visual data analytics platform for member-based organizations. Nucleus unleashes actionable insights to drive member engagement, increase revenue, and advance an organization’s mission by bringing together disparate data sources into one intuitive visual experience. This enables everyone in your organization to discover new insights that ultimately lead to smarter business decisions.

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